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Alternative for Teamleader? Comparison CoManage versus Teamleader

Teamleader and CoManage are business applications. Both software tools reduce the administrative workload of companies and freelancers.

There are many differences and similarities between Teamleader and CoManage. In this article we help you find an answer to the question: is CoManage a good alternative for Teamleader?

Teamleader versus CoManage [Q1 – 2019]

Last update: 14 August 2020
Both Teamleader and CoManage are regularly updated and extended with new functionalities. When big changes take place, we will update the content below. So what you are about to read contains the most up-to-date overview.

Comparison chart: Teamleader vs CoManage

In the table below, you can see the main differences and similarities between Teamleader and CoManage at a glance.




€ 15 / month € 33 / month
Annual payment € 150 / year € 330 / year
Minimal period 1 month 3 months
Canceling per month per quarter
Invoices Included € 33 /month extra
Products and services Included Included
CRM Unlimited 10,000
Statistics Included Included
Quotations Included Included


PC / Mac Yes Yes
Tablet Yes Yes
Smartphone Yes Yes

Other specs

Multilingual Yes Yes
Multi currency Yes Yes
Import data with Excel Yes Yes
Export data for Excel Yes Yes
Backups Every 30″ Daily
Updates Free Free

Conclusion: The biggest difference between Teamleader and CoManage? The price. Of course, what matters to you is what you get in return. To find how both apps help you save time, just continue reading.

What kind of businesses use Teamleader and CoManage?

Both applications are developed for companies. But as you know, there is a huge difference between the needs of a company like Coca Cola, a marketing agency and a freelance translator.

CoManage and Teamleader are good solutions for both freelancers and SMEs.

The standard package of Teamleader includes access for 2 members of your team. In CoManage you start with 1 user.

Do your colleagues need to have access to your invoices, quotations and CRM? You can add them in both programs for a small additional monthly fee:



Included users 1 2
Freelancer Yes Yes
SME Yes Yes
Adding more users Yes Yes
Monthly price / extra user € 7.5 € 25 (on yearly plan)

Conclusion: If you run your business on your own, you don’t need the second user of Teamleader. In both apps, you can add as much colleagues as you need to.

Pricing Teamleader vs CoManage

For both apps you pay a fixed amount for a certain period. This is similar to the Netflix subscription model.

If you pay for 1 year in advance instead of per month/quarter, the price drops.

The different prices between Teamleader and CoManage are listed in the table below:



Price Standard Package

€ 15 / month € 33 / month
CRM Included Included
Quotations Included Included
Products and services Included Included
Invoicing Included € 30 extra / month
Project management Included € 60 extra / month
Monthly price for all of the above € 10 € 120

Conlusion: CoManage is a cheap alternative for Teamleader. Although both applications have similar functionalities, with CoManage you can save a considerate amount of money per year.

Administrative tasks in Teamleader and CoManage

In both programs, you can perform the following tasks:

Creating quotations in Teamleader and CoManage

The standard package of Teamleader and CoManage contains a module to quickly create, send and manage your quotations.



Quotes management Included Included
Choose from templates Yes Yes
PDF Yes Yes
Online approval Yes Yes
Online version Yes Yes
Own background Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes

Conclusion: If you are looking for a quick way to create your quotes, both apps serve you well. 

Creating invoices in Teamleader versus CoManage

You can create your invoices with CoManage and Teamleader .

In Teamleader you pay an additional monthly fee. This is a good option if you are relying on other software to create your invoices. But on the other hand, you then miss the connection with your CRM. And the quick option to turn your approved quotes into invoices.



Invoice management Included 25 euro/month extra
Number of invoices Unlimited 10.000
Recuring invoices Yes Yes
Choose from templates Yes Yes
Own background Yes Yes
Connection with bookkeeping software UBL UBL
PDF Yes Yes
Online version Yes Yes
Send with the app Yes Yes
Snail mail Yes No
Send attachments Yes Yes
Send reminders Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes

Conclusion: If you want to create invoices, Teamleader is the more expensive option. In CoManage this module is included in your account.

Projec tmanagement in Teamleader and CoManage

Do you need an extensive project management tool? Then Teamleader is your best choice. CoManage contains a project management module, but this is mainly meant for smaller projects.



Project management Included 60 euro/month extra
Share with your team Yes Yes
Features Basic Extensive

Conclusion: Teamleader offers an extended solution to manage your projects. For this option you pay 60 euros per month/user. In CoManage the project module is a basic tool to keep track of the progress of your projects.

Other features

Let’s have a closer look at the biggest differences between the apps. In the table below, you can see which other tasks you can perform in the tools:



Expenses management Yes No
Time tracking No Yes
Agenda No Yes

Conlusie: Despite all the similarities, there are also differences. It is advisable to take these into account. Which tasks do you often perform to run your business? .

Integrations with 3rd party applications

You can connect CoManage and Teamleader to other applications. By doing so, the apps become even more powerful. You can for instance share your customers’ data with completely different software packages.

The connection itself is established with a so called API.

In the table below, you can see which software integrations are possible:



Codabox Yes Yes
Stripe Yes Yes
API Yes Yes
iCloud No Yes
Office 365 No Yes
Google Apps No Yes
VoIP No Yes

Conlusion: You can connect more apps to Teamleader than to CoManage. If you do not need these connections, you can also export your data in CoManage to an Excel sheet.

The teams behind the software

CoManage and Teamleader are Belgian companies, but their solutions are used in many countries. This is a bit surprising if we look closer at the size of the teams…

CoManage: small, but quick and personal

CoManage is developed and maintained by a small team. And yet, they manage to extend the possibilities of the app at a high speed. At the same time, they also quickly respond to questions.


Teamleader: bigger team, more expensive

Teamleader has also employees and branches outside Belgium. More people, means more features. On the other hand, bigger companies have more expenses: offices abroad, TV and radio commercials… In the end, these extra costs are paid by the end user.

Conclusion: The size of a software company is not necessarily related to how users experience the app. In general, smaller teams are more flexible and passionate.

Support Teamleader versus CoManage

Even when you use an app that helps you save tons of time, sometimes you simply get stuck.

At these moments, it is convenient if you can rely on support. Teamleader and CoManage offer slightly different support channels:



Chat Yes (also after office hours + weekends) No
Online documentation Yes Yes
Video manuals Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Phone No Yes

Conclusion: CoManage and Teamleader provide documentation in different formats. If you have specific questions, you can reach the teams for free personal support.

Conclusion: Is CoManage a good alternative for Teamleader?

The answer mainly depends on what is important for you:

  • How much can you spend on subscription fees?
  • Do you want to send quotations and invoices from within the same program without an extra cost?
  • Do you need a ticketing system that is connected to your CRM?
  • Do you use separate bookkeeping software to keep track of your expenses?
  • Would you like to have answers via chat during the weekend and after the regular office hours?